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Our Story

Sabistar Pty Ltd started when two people were drawn together to begin new lives. Azhar Khan and Paul Cohen had both just moved to Australia after each had owned and run successful businesses in Zimbabwe where they were born.

Today, we work only on projects we love, and absolutely love waking up each morning!

We choose to align with insanely bright stars and thinkers from around the world, and work with clients and partners across the globe to launch some pretty interesting businesses, events and virtual events. We turn simple ideas into global idea's and generate the movements to support them and make them profitable.

“My message is not aimed at the quick buck shooting stars of today, but at the solopreneurs and serial visionaries who want to secure a place in a global marketplace and the business constellations of tomorrow.”


What do we represent?


The "SABISTAR", also known as the "Desert Rose" is a tree-flower shaped like a five pointed star. The tree on which it grows is found in the Sabi Valley in Africa and across the world where climates are harsh and overbearing.

This amazing flower blooms throughout the year despite the tough conditions and surroundings that make up it's environment. The tree survives by the flowers ability to adjust its scent to attract and create a large network of visiting insects and animals. Each visit is mutually beneficial. The succulent tree and the animals and insects that use it for nourishment have an equal chance to survive the harsh climate they live in, by working together.

At SABISTAR we network with Visionaries. People who empower and refuse to accept the norm. We tune into the new and revere the old. ambitious Superpreneurs, people who do not take no for an answer. These are the people we call our clients.

We mix with talent that support our partners in a global marketplace. Our ability to fuse our resources with these highly skilled savants, both regionally and internationally with our in-house creative strategies provides us an ideal platform for the success of any project.